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Take flight into the wizarding world on your own broom. Fly freely in the skies above Hogwarts before meeting Hagrid at Knockturn Alley. Then battle Death Eaters over the city of London, casting spells with your wand as you try to escape through the clouds to the safety of Hogwarts Castle.

Select your Hogwarts House

Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. Wear your house colours with pride. Gear up and mount your broom. Off we go!


Free fly around Hogwarts Castle

Keep your brooms steady! Fly freely around the towers and greenhouses.  Roam over to the Quidditch Pitch and Owlery, or drop down and enter the covered bridge if you can.


Meet Hagrid at Knockturn Alley

Grab your wand and ready your spells.  Accompany Hagrid on a secret flight back to Hogwarts.  Stay close to his motorcycle, there’s danger in the air.

It’s time to put your flying skills to the test. The future of the wizarding world depends on you.


Brooms over London

Feel the wind on your face as you fly above the buildings and enjoy the stunning London skyline. Soar along the River Thames and swoop low, heading to Westminster Bridge. Dark clouds ahead and something sinister behind. Hold on tight, they’re on to us!


Battle Death Eaters

It’s an ambush!   Don’t give up no matter how close they get. Now show us how you can fly.


Explore Chaos at Hogwarts

Step into an exciting journey through Hogwarts Castle and become part of the adventure where magical creatures and secrets await.

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