“ New York is considerably more interesting than I expected.”
- Newt Scamander

The Largest
Collection of
Harry Potter and
Fantastic Beasts
Under One Roof

935 Broadway, NYC


the Magic of
the Wizarding World


The Magic Awaits

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When will you be opening?
Harry Potter New York will open in 2021. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to find out more!
What is Harry Potter New York?
Harry Potter New York is the world’s first official Harry Potter flagship store in New York City, opening in 2021.
When will the online shop open?
We’ll be making a selection of magical products available later in the year. Keep an eye out on our channels for more information!
Will the online shop ship internationally?
Our online store will only ship inside North America.
Where will the store be located?
Harry Potter New York is located at 935 Broadway with entrances on both Broadway and Fifth Avenue.
How big will the store be?
Harry Potter New York will span three floors and over 20,000 sq. ft.